Acadia Healthcare Case Manager in West Memphis, Arkansas

An individual must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without a reasonable accommodation.

  • Works closely with professional staff, including LMSW, LCSW, LPC, LAC, Psychological Examiner, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Medical Director, and Clinical Services Coordinator (CSC) for patient monitoring and coordination of mental health services.

    • Works closely with Teacher or Lead Classroom Technician in each treatment room for patient monitoring.
    • Monitors the daily well-being of patients and identifies the need for social intervention if necessary.
    • Uses the Mental Health Treatment Plan to perform interventions with patients approved for Rehabilitative Services for Persons with Mental Illness (RSPMI) services. May provide on-site and off-site intervention to patients under the supervision of the Mental Health Professional (MHP).
    • Identifies and provides emergency crisis services as necessary. Makes immediate assessment and responds according to accepted crisis intervention methods and techniques and coordinates other services as appropriate.
    • Participates in multidisciplinary staffing, as appropriate, to keep abreast of therapy goals and progress.
  • Participates in supervision with an MHP as required by DBHS regulations.

    • Makes home visits as needed to provide off-site intervention with patients and/or families.
  • Will assist or fully implement surveys and questionnaires as required by Company, state, and federal guidelines. (i.e. home assessments, YOQ, etc)

    • For every service billed, the Case Manager will provide progress notes in the appropriate format which contain all information as required by company policy, Child Health Management Services (CHMS) and/or RSPMI guidelines, and/or other applicable regulations. The Case Manager will keep detailed records of all work with patients and families he/she serves. All billing and required supporting documentation must be done in compliance with company standards.
  • The productivity expectation of a Case Manager is defined as delivering all of the prescribed therapy units on your caseload. Expectations are that a Case Manager will bill approximately 26 units per day, but no less than 16 units a day of direct patient care as outlined by the MHP. Productivity will be assessed as part of the employee’s performance evaluation.

  • Ensures that all progress notes relating to patient intervention reflect Treatment Plan goals and objectives and current diagnosis(es) and other required elements set forth by Medicaid regulations.

    • Ensures that billing sheets are completed on a daily basis for each patient served.
    • Completes 15 hours of relevant and approved in-service training per fiscal year.
    • Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with external sources, including families and referral sources.
    • Provides a positive role model, demonstrates respect, maintains boundaries, good approach, and delivery with patients, including administering consequences in a consistent, thoughtful fashion, and in accordance with Policy and Procedures.
  • Effectively intervenes to de-escalate patients, and if applicable may have to effectively administer the therapeutic hold including the debriefing (Teachable Experience).

  • May perform other related and non-related duties as assigned and agreed upon by both parties.